Le Moût Restaurant

Lanshu Chen


  • CAP de Cuisine


  • ESCF-Ferrandi Paris, Cuisine
  • Le Cordon Bleu Paris, Pastry
  • National Taiwan University, Foreign languages and Literatures


After 4 years in literature domain in the National Taiwan University,
Lanshu decided to follow her craftsmanship passion and left for Paris.She spent another 4 years there to explore the world of gastronomy, receiving pastry diploma of Le Cordon Bleu and the complete culinary training in Ferrandi.

Lanshu was indulging herself in the pleasure of food and started her career as being a professional cook. She then worked in several grand chef restaurants as Les Ambassadeurs with Jean-François Piège and Jérôme Chaucesse, Relais d’Auteuil with Patrick Pignol, and also in the place of legendary Pierre Hermé pastry atelier.

Outside of France, Lanshu also interned at The French Laundry in California, from where she experienced a culture shock between French and American kitchen.